The Re/Imagine Podcast

Erin Kenney and Bob Weissbourd

067 Hartford’s Innovation Story: Community and Economic Engagement

RW Ventures and Mass Economics recently prepared a report... ...
Keren Etkin

064 Why We Need Age Tech: Keren Etkin, The Gerontechnologist

In the episode we explore why is tech for older adults is more important now than... ...
Lee Launer

063 Storytelling for Founders with Lee Launer

The difference between telling it well puts millions on the line everyday. When a founder tells the story of their... ...
Blair Baldwin

061 Blair Baldwin, Founder of AgeUp

Innovation Hour with special guest Blair Baldwin, Founder of AgeUp. What happens when an intellectual-engineer... ...
Jon Cooper

059 Jon Cooper, Co-Founder & CEO, Life.io

On this episode we catch up with Jon Cooper, Co-Founder and CEO, to discuss how Life.io delivers a world-class digital... ...
Manish Malhotra

057 Manish Malhotra, CEO of Income Discovery

Manish Malhotra, CEO of Income Discovery joins us to talk about how his company is a a proven, AI powered platform for Retirement Decumulation... ...

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