The Re/Imagine Podcast

Susan Winkler Headshot

083 Insurance Ecosystem Disruptors Q&A Discussion with Susan Winkler

Join us in this throwback ep to talk disruption and more...
Paul and Tom Sheridan Headshots Large

082 Global Talent Sourcing and Growing Startups with Tom and Paul Sheridan of Eclaro

Tom and Paul Sheridan share their passion for helping startups...
Hannah Adeyema Headshot

081 Examining the Importance of Mental and Physical Health of Entrepreneurs with Hannah Adeyema

Laura and Paul talk with Hannah Adeyema about the importance of the mental health...
Ellen Last and Maura Rucker

079 Finding Your Path Forward with Ellen Last and Maura Rucker, Slalom

As design technicians, Ellen and Maura curate awesome experiences that...
Shamir Joseph

078 The World Needs More Aliens: Design Thinking with Shamir Joseph

In this episode, Laura and Paul are joined by Shamir Joseph, a consultant...
Marci Lobel-Esrig Headshot

077 The Nexus Between Financial Stability and Health with Marci Lobel-Esrig

Marci Lobel-Esrig, Founder, CEO & General Counsel, SilverBills joins the podcast to share insight...
Spencer Barclay

076 Financial Planning the Modern Way with Spencer Barclay, Founder and CEO, Savology

Spencer Barclay, Founder, and CEO, Savology, joins the podcast...

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