Retiretech Forum 2022



June 22, 2022

First Annual Retiretech Forum
Building the Future of Retirement


11:00 am

Welcoming Remarks

11:15 am

Session 1: Sales & Marketing

“Starting Retirement Planning Discussions in an Increasingly Distracted World”

Retirement planning is a critical need for millions of Americans. However, it’s never been harder than it is today to start that important conversation. Call screening technology grows more sophisticated. Digital ad prices increase. Email open rates decline. Conflicting messages in the mainstream media cause doubt about the value of our core products. In addition, a growing stream of television ads threaten to create health care planning fatigue. How should the industry adapt and find more effective ways to create more individual retirement plans?What platforms will advisors and distributors need to make finding clients as efficient as possible?

12:00 pm

Networking Lunch

12:30 pm

Session 2: Service & Operations

“Moving Service Functions from the Call Center to the App Store”

We still primarily serve our customers in a business model defined by answering inbound phone calls, managing forms, and opening lock boxes. However, the entire world, including seniors, is rapidly shifting to an app economy. The AARP found that individuals over 50 dramatically increased their adoption of smart phones, tablets, and wearable devices during the pandemic. Today, 97% of individuals over the age of 50 report owning at least one primary digital device. How will expectations change for modes and hours of communications? Will payment expectations shift from ACH to Venmo? What opportunities does this present for better meeting the needs of retirees?

1:15 pm

Session 3: Product Innovation

“How Will Key Product Categories Evolve over the Next Five Years?”

Product innovation has only accelerated over the last five years. FIAs and RILAs have stormed to the center of most individual carrier’s product agendas. The SECURE Act has opened the doors for intense focus of companies hoping to redefine the role of annuities and 401(k). The pension risk transfer market has exploded as administrators seek efficient solutions for longstanding obligations. New software platforms open the door for synthetic solutions that don’t require traditional carriers. Finally, will the government change the rules of Social Security and provision of financial advice in ways that will shake the bedrock of millions of plan assumptions? Where will this all lead us in the next five years?

2:15 pm

Networking Break

2:30 pm

Session 4: Risk Management

“Keeping More Connected Seniors Safe”

Prior to the pandemic, seniors proved to be the highest growing user segment for Facebook. As a result of the pandemic, they now know how to use a variety of video conference tools like Zoom and FaceTime. They search the Internet aggressively to learn more about our products than sometimes we do. How will this allow carriers to cultivate customers, agents, and advisors to serve more clients?

3:15 pm

Session 5: Climate Risk

“Addressing Climate Change through Annuities”

Climate change promises to impact more than the property & casualty sector. The Department of Labor recently released a “Request for Information on Possible Agency Actions to Protect Life Savings and Pensions from Threats of Climate-Related Financial Risk.” Home equity comprises a major part of retirement savings, but many homes lay in regions under threat of flooding from climate change. Should this change our key retirement planning assumptions? Have we created retirement products with enough asset diversity to buffer critical sources of income from rising seas and hotter, more arid seasons? Finally, can annuities provide retirement stability for sectors of our community adversely affected by necessary changes in our economy?

4:00 pm

Session 6: Core Advisor Software

“Reshaping the Retirement Conversation with Better Advisor Software”

Developing a thoughtful, thorough retirement plan today requires increasingly specialized expertise in needs analysis, risk assessment, product selection, Social Security optimization, health care planning, performance management, and psychology. In an increasing litigious environment, providing this service becomes increasingly difficult for practitioners. Can consistent advances in software platforms lead to more productive discussions with clients, better outcomes, and less risk for all parties?

4:45 pm

Company Demos

5:15 pm – 6:00 pm

Networking Reception

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