Retiretech Forum 2.0

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  • Paul Tyler, Nassau Financial Group
State of Innovation in Insurance and the Mind of the Retiree
  • Shiva Balasubramaniyan, Chief Innovation Officer – Insurance, Capgemini
The State of the Annuity Industry
   – Introduction: Tom Buckingham, CGO, Nassau
  • Scott Hawkins, Conning
Lunch and Networking
   – Ecosystem Remarks:
  • Peter Denious, AdvanceCT;
  • Michelle Cote, Launc[H];
  • John Wilson, UConn
CEO Fireside Chat - Building The Next Generation Retirement Company
   – Moderator: Paul Tyler, Nassau
  • Phil Gass, CEO, Nassau Financial Group
  • Bill Egan, CEO, Oceanview
Emerging Retail and Institutional Annuity Growth Opportunities
   – Introduction: Jan Buchsbaum, CPO, Nassau
   – Moderator: Ramsey Smith,
  • Rebecca Tadikonda, Athene
  • Igor Zamkovsky, BlackRock
  • Branislav Nikolic, The Index Standard
Delivering Retirement Solutions Through Advisors In A Digital Age
   – Introduction: Mark Fitzgerald, Saybrus Partners
   – Moderator: Mike Kalen, Covr
  • Adam Holt, Asset-Map
  • Mark Williams, Brokers International
  • Dierdre Woodruff, Canvas
  • Richard Romano, FIDx
Disrupting the Annuity Back-Office
   – Introduction: Sue Zophy, CSO, Nassau
   – Moderator: Samantha Chow, Capgemini
  • Yaron Ben-Zvi
  • Ellen Carney, Forrester Research
  • Chad Hersh, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Nilesh Vaidya, Capgemini
The Future of Digital Retirement Advice - Predictions & Pitches
   – Introduction: Jackie Bamman, CPO, Nassau
   – Moderator: Rob Swan, Sonr Global
  • Steve Hutchinson, AnnuityOS
  • Liz Loewy, EverSafe
  • Tom Beauregard, HCG Secure
  • Jean Smart, Penelope
  • David Macchia, Wealth2k
The Future of Retiretech Investing - Where Will the Money Go?
   – Introduction: Neel Datar, CIO, Nassau
   – Moderator: Doug Roth, Connecticut Innovations
  • Matt Perlman, IA Capital Group
  • Jason Gross, ManchesterStory
  • Drew Aldrich, Viewpoint Ventures
  • Marie-Christine Razaire, Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures
Re/Imagine Recap
  • Laura Dinan Haber, Nassau
Cocktails and Networking
   – Ecosystem Remarks:
  • Jared T. Kosky, Deputy Commissioner, Connecticut Insurance Department
  • Susan Winkler, CT IFS
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