Do young investors need to fear ‘dismal’ returns? Not if they make 3 smart moves, experts say

By Bryan Ermey, April 9, 2021

….Don’t swing for the fences

If you’re worried that you may be facing muted returns in the coming years, it may be tempting to make big bets on risky assets in the hopes that the wager pays off, rather than sitting around and watching paltry returns roll in.

“Do I think that putting money in the bank, clipping coupons, and buying bonds is how this generation will build wealth? No,” says Paul Tyler, chief marketing officer at Nassau Financial Group. But neither will piling into volatile investments, he says: “Swinging for the fences is never a winning strategy in personal financial management.”

He recommends taking a diversified approach and owning a broad mix of assets that will behave differently in different market environments. That could include traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds, as well as nontraditional assets such as cryptocurrency. “You cannot at this point in time ignore digital currency, which has all the hallmarks of being an important part of our economy going forward,” he says. “Not going to put 50% of your portfolio in there. Maybe it’s 2.5% in some of these alternative assets.”

The youngest generation of investors has the advantage of understanding what sorts of companies and technologies have the power to disrupt the established order of things, says Herried, whether it’s alternative currencies such as bitcoin, or cutting-edge tech companies such as Roblox. He recommends that young investors establish a core portfolio of diversified mutual funds or ETFs before branching out with a smaller chunk of assets designated for investing in businesses with potential to pay off big down the line.

“Gen Zers have the time horizon to explore some of these investments,” he says. “If they make a mistake on one stock, there’s plenty of time to recover.”

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Nicholas BreniaDo young investors need to fear ‘dismal’ returns? Not if they make 3 smart moves, experts say