Why so low? Fintech continues to see lack of female founders


But there are signs of improvement for female-led startups

The number of female founders at fintechs globally remains low at 7% while the amount of funding has risen slightly from venture capital firms and support from incubators.

Nassau Re/Imagine, an incubator, is funded by the Nassau Financial Group to help female fintech founders by making introductions to investors, providing free office space, helping with marketing and event support and hosting podcasts with female founders. It has worked with ClaimSpace, an Australian claims filing startup that received a $1 million seed investment for its U.S. operations and Udotest, which was founded by CEO Allison Martin, and provides numerous in-home diagnostic tests to avoid visiting the doctor.

“We curate opportunities that bring together investors with insurtechs,” said Laura Dinan Haber, innovation program manager at Nassau Financial Group in Hartford, Conn. “When a trusted source makes an introduction, we find that meetings are taken and progress is made. Raising capital is difficult, being female should not make it harder.”

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Ashley SaundersWhy so low? Fintech continues to see lack of female founders