Running Towards Climate Risk with InnSure

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Nassau Re/Imagine is a collaborative community of corporate innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry thought leaders providing resources, support, and connections to startups and scaleups who are actively transforming the insurtech and retiretech landscapes. Re/Imagine actively brings innovation into Hartford and CT’s thriving ecosystem, while connecting our intellectual assets and breadth of talent to the world.

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InnSure Podcast

117 Running Towards Climate Risk with InnSure

Listen as we exchange information and ideas about specific opportunities to support innovation at the nexus of insurance and climate risk.  ...
Hadi Radwan

116 – Protecting Your Income with Hadi Radwan

Listen and learn how he and the team at Asteya are working to make income insurance accessible to everyone irrespective of their age, gender, or income. ...

115 Orchestrating Financial Planning Solutions For Advisors with Sheryl O’Connor and Steve Kellar

We discuss how to change client focus from investment returns to income reliability and much more. ...

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