COVID -19 Disrupts Hartford’s Efforts to Become Startup Magnet

By Sean Teehan, April 5, 2021

Disruption is a common theme in the tech industry.

And that’s precisely the impact COVID-19 has had on Hartford’s fledgling efforts to develop a startup ecosystem — particularly on accelerator programs that have brought dozens of early-stage companies to the city in recent years with hopes they will stay and grow here.

…“We started our program saying, ‘come to Hartford, you can bump into an actuary in the coffee shop, you can ride the elevator up and meet all these people,’ ” Tyler said. “Well guess what? They’re not here [right now].”

For the rest of at least this year, Tyler said Nassau Re/Imagine will likely focus more on working with startups remotely and connecting them to companies in Hartford.

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Nicholas BreniaCOVID -19 Disrupts Hartford’s Efforts to Become Startup Magnet