Active Insurtech-related
Startups in Hartford

Innovators at Work

A growing list of Insurtech startups invest their time, energy, and resources into the Hartford insurance ecosystem. The list below reflects startups participating in programs at accelerators in the area as well as those participating in our program.

Re/Imagine Program Members


BEAD creates digital models of buildings and industrial facilities in order to solve insurance claims problems in Real-Estate and Construction that cost Carriers annually more than $100B each year. With the integration of real-time data into the claims process using blockchain, we help optimize the claims process and resolution, reduce the risk and fraud.

Benekiva is a rules & data-driven SAAS platform that allows life insurance companies to offer a 100% digital claims process, provide an opportunity for the carrier agency or advisory force to retain the assets and serve the beneficiary. In addition, we help carriers comply with the updated escheatment and unclaimed property and rules.

Brain hAPPy

Brain hAPPy app offers therapy questions about feelings, assists the user in finding the source of negative feelings and then resolves issues through specific audio brain reprogramming meditations statements using evidenced-based practices. The app is already available on iTunes and Google App Store.


ClaimSpace is a platform that bridges the communication gap between customers, insurers, and stakeholders during the claims process. The modular platform manages claims from FNOL through to settlement. Claims efficiency is achieved by reduced inbound call volume and time to settlement among other things.

eGGHEAD Ai is an AI-based solution that autonomously discovers data quality issues and business rules, and identifies sensitive and privacy data for any given dataset. Leveraging their proprietary Machine Learning algorithms, Simply DQ scans existing data sources and identifies data quality rules, statistics and metrics.

Forest Lake Consulting can help life insurance companies create an environment where direct to consumer and agent distribution can coexist in a digital, contemporary ecosystem. This ecosystem can drive organizations forward and attract new, younger customers while respecting the role of traditional distribution.


Infinilytics solves the 3 main claims problems that cost P&C insurers annually more than $170B each year: litigation, fraud and operational inefficiencies. We use built in AI and machine learning to gather and analyze data from documents, structured sources and social media to help validate genuine insurance claims efficiently and quickly. provides an interoperable digital distribution platform for Insurers that brings together their insurance products, distribution partners and our licensed agents to create in the moment buying experiences for connected consumers.


Intellagents is an insurance ecosystem that connects insurers’ systems with best-in-class Insurtech solutions, data and AI providers, and traditional software providers to promote rapid, profitable innovation.


Intrellit provides an enterprise solutions to simplify the process of reviewing medical records. It deploys deep learning models for the natural language processing of health records in the litigation context. Intrellit deep learning search algorithms use paragraph embeddings and models.

Luminant Analytics

Luminant B2B platform provides analytical insights and predictive models for insurance companies. Its solutions improve insurance pricing by including quantitative future predictions about key external trend changes, moving away from where it now relies mostly on evaluation of internal historical data.


Pineapple uses image-based AI to issue quotes and manage claims. Pineapple solves the trust issue in insurance by returning it to a social transaction to reduce fraud along with creating experiences, product and a brand that appeals to a younger audience.


RozieAi enables organizations to deliver personalized care at scale: harness data for engagement across multiple sources and apply natural language processing to derive new insights. The omni-channel capabilities allow engagement in an intelligent dialogue regardless of the channel, mode and manner.

SPOKK provides a mobile platform offering end-to-end processes: quoting, sales, service and claims, targeting the millennials. Machine learning, computer vision and open data solutions enable targeted product push and provide customers with fast quotes without requesting a lot of personal information.

Spyglaz is a platform for proactive customer retention built for the Insurance industry. We use machine learning to predict when an insurer will lose customers before they actually lose them, along with influencers and key retention levers. We help insurance companies retain life, personal and commercial policyholders more effectively. Insights on future lapse are integrated into live customer conversations - at that precise moment where the insurer can influence the decision and prevent the lapse. Retaining just a fraction of the at-risk policies flagged by Spyglaz can deliver savings of millions, even for small or mid-size insurers.


Sureify initially created a direct to consumer life insurance product that tied premiums to healthy activities. Insurers showed strong interest in a platform that could engage a customer over their lifetime. The demand grew and Sureify shifted focus to expanding and selling the “Lifetime Platform.”


Tide is transformative, true-zero-trust technology, removing mass data breach and privacy compliance risk from organizations by handing consumers the only key to their sensitive data - granting unprecedented control and data privacy. All, at the speed of commerce.

WizeCare enables healthcare providers to deliver intelligent, accessible and exciting physical therapy sessions directly to their patients’ homes, allowing healthcare organizations and insurers to provide measurable, affordable and standardized quality of care.

Other Local Startups


Allganize is a Natural Language AI and answer bot and document management solution for enterprises. Allganize allows users to collect required information, documents and files and integrate with document management systems. It enables users to connect with teams, collaborate with each other to share documents and information. It can be integrated with Google Drive, Gmail, Slack, Jira, Zendesk and Share Point solutions. It also offers AI-powered search solutions to manage queries and collect information. It offers a subscription-based pricing model.


AuraAir is a 3-in-1 air quality device that detects indoor & outdoor air quality and monitors user behavior in real-time. The air quality data collected from the circulation is processed in their predictive model and notifies users of high-risk scenarios in real-time through the app and voice assistant, Heidy, which adapts the app to the user's specific needs and health necessities. Lastly, Aura entirely disinfects and purifies the air through 4 unique purification stages.

Aureus Analytics

Aureus Analytics was born to fulfill the need to do more with your data but with lesser tools. What started as a need to have access to real-time insights at the point of decision, has now blossomed into a smorgasbord of highly energetic and restless individuals. [Listen to Podcast]


BriteBee is built by insurance agents, just like you, who KNOW how hard it can be to meet the right customers where they are online. What's even more difficult is meeting them at just the right time in their decision making process. That's why we've built simple to use tools, with an unmatched search intelligence to make your agency smarter and faster than the competition, and get in front of the right customers at the perfect time.


With Certificial, modernize your insurance coverage requests with an intelligent insurance verification platform that simplifies the Supplier Management process, decreases operating costs, and ensures you and your Suppliers are 100% covered and compliant.


DRiVR AI aims to rid the world of car crashes. To do so, we use cutting edge technology and built the world’s finest network that connects drivers on the road and stops collisions with real-time alerts. Our network reduces human error and improves safety in today’s cars, while providing the basis for the self-driving cars of the future.


FamilyEye is an automatic fall detection system and preventive alerting system with pattern-changing detection and alerts. With FamilyEye, you can connect your medical devices and use the portal to send all medical alarms without having to wear any device or press a button in an emergency situation. FamilyEye can also be utilized as a centralized platform for other medical devices. [Listen to Podcast]

Insurance Agent App

Insurance Agent is a product of Blue I, LLC headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and operated by a team with traditional and start-up business-building experience. Aside from being mobile developers, we’re policyholders and business people too. We’re building the next-generation insurance agent mobile app(s) that agencies and carriers need and clients expect. Because we get it.


iPill Dispenser is a digital health and hardware system. The iPill Dispenser is an app that controls a secure storage safe disposal dispenser to prevent opioid abuse and diversion. An integrated wearable sensor calls 911 if respiratory distress is detected. A CBT module distracts opioid use.

Naboso Technology

Naboso Technology provides the first and only commercially available textured insoles designed to help improve balance, posture and gait. Backed by texture research and surface science, their patent-pending insoles are uniquely designed to stimulate the nerve in the bottom of the feet and help individuals reconnect to their foundation.


OSD provides a remote health monitoring solution that measures, analyzes and stores accurate health data using proprietary handheld sensor technology.

OWIT Global

OWIT Global is a provider of discrete and specialized cloud-based microservices to the Global Insurance Industry. Our microservices are designed to operate standalone or to integrate with your existing environments. OWIT has developed a library of microservices, which are combined in different configurations, to create targeted solutions. These include Bordereaux Management, Cyber Rating & Distribution, A&H and Specialty Point of Sale, Document Generation, Portal Configuration, including the capability to tailor and build a full suite of PAS microservices.

Physical Health Insights

Physical Health Insights, LLC (PHI) was formed to address the most costly Health Problem in the United-States. 43% of Americans over 18 experience Muscle and Joint conditions (MSK’S) causing an average of 400,000 Healthcare visits each day. MSK’S are the most common cause of Disability, Chronic Care and Loss Time, more than Heart, Cancer and Diabetes together. They are a leading Healthcare expense for Individuals, Employers and Insurers alike. The Physical Health Insights Population Health Program is designed to Prevent, Mitigate and more effectively treat these conditions. Our mission is to provide the individuals with a unique technology to enable affordable Access, Education, Self-Care Guidance and Physician Communications to reduce the incidence of these conditions.

Reclaim Health

Through Reclaim Health, by bringing our passion for financial planning and data science with our expertise in the employer-sponsored health space, we create RECLAIM, to seamlessly help make all of our finances around our healthcare more understandable, reasonably priced, and optimally planned for.

Safekeep is a consumer engagement solution built by Safekeep Labs on an AI-guided straight-through processing platform for financial services.


Saya Life is the only certified submetering AI platform that prevents catastrophic loss and measures water performance, delivering the “knowledge of water” with integrate flood sensing that mines data in multi-dwelling residential and commercial buildings and aggregates onto the corresponding smart water management platform.


Softhard is a data courier company, the missing ingredient in IoT and smart city planning with its battery-operated complex wireless infrastructure and LPWAN technology that will create the potential to collect data from anywhere at any time and reduce time to market for virtually anything.


Stable Insurance is a distribution and analytics platform for consumers of commercial auto insurance. Stable Insurance is focusing on the rideshare and on-demand economy/mobility segment of the commercial auto space. Stable help drivers, fleets and mobility companies better understand their risk and match that risk to coverage. Insurance coverage is placed in mere minutes with our process, compared to 1-3 business days on average when sold by brokers leveraging very little technology.

Tada Cognitive Solutions

Tada Cognitive Solutions is all about finding new ways to help our clients leverage the data they already have in an efficient and intuitive way. We are breaking the old model of data warehouses and operational silos for a bold new world based around the relational nature of information and helping businesses transform the way they function as a result.


Tarmika’s platform utilizes API integrations with top carriers from across the country to seamlessly return multiple quotes through a single entry.


UDoTest is a B2B Saas Platform that simplifies and personalizes at-home disease testing for high risk diseases, engages consumers and lowers costs. UDoTest is designed as an at-home testing service that includes software and hardware, designed specifically for our client’s population. UDoTest’s platform can be in-network and re-branded and the hardware is an at-home health box that uses already-approved, validated, gold-standard collection devices.


Well-Beat is a SaaS company and technology using AI to improve the relationships, communications and adherence between an aging patient and a healthcare provider with their Personalized Behavior Navigator which tracks, monitors and analyzes behaviors, habits and ultimately lifestyles.


Wysa provides mental health support via a unique 3-layer hybrid model. They use an emotionally-intelligent AI conversational agent to provide immediate 24X7 support, helping users identify evidence-based self-help tools and techniques to work through challenging periods of their life. They can escalate users needing further support, to professional clinical psychologists. All of this is designed around a text-based app interface.

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